D800 + ISO6400 = Doddle = Amazing!

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Re: D800 + ISO6400 = Doddle = Amazing!

Truly excellent Lance, thank you for the number and quality of you picts/post. I think you've convinced a lot of us towards the d800!

I need to ask you for a little help! I'm thrilled with my 800e, and will be posting some of the soccer shots it has produced. But I cannot get anywhere close to the level of sharpness and cleanliness at high ISO that you are displaying.

I saw you say above "I shoot RAW, then convert in Capture One Pro6 to 16bit TIFF, then in Photoshop I use Imagenomic's, Noiseware Professional plug in. "

I'm wondering how much of your incredible detail to vs noise you attribute to processing? And do you do selective area sharpening and noise reduction?

Please don't think at all that I don't recognize the talent of the photographer first, and great glass second !!!! .....

.....I'm just curious how much ultimate image IQ I'm leaving on the table processing my nefs solely in NX2.

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