Anybody know anything about this lens? Leitz 17mm f0.6

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Re: Anybody know anything about this lens? Leitz 17mm f0.6

Here are a few more images of the lens including a very poor and greatly enlarged/cropped view through it, (Sorry it was taken with a crappy Samsung digital - none of my SLRs would focus to 20mm)

I probably should have added these images to the initial post but I didn't know how.

The actual image through the lens is bitingly sharp right to the edges with stunning colour and contrast imo.
It appears to be fixed focus with everything from 5' to infinity being in focus.

Does anybody know what the difference is between a fish eye and an ultra wide angle lens?

I'm tending to the view that this isn't a fish eye as the rectilinear distortion is minimal - is that right?

Lastly some dimensions - The front element is 9' (23cm) across, the rear element has a max diameter of 2.5 inches (55mm) set in a 3 inch (75mm) tube.

I'm leaning to the view that this was an x-ray lens.

Sorry if I sound excited by it but I only paid £70 for it and it is a seriously well made lens with a gobsmacking amount of exquisitely flawless glass.

Now i need an M mount for it.

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