How many X100/Pro1 owners own a D700?

Started May 17, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: How many X100/Pro1 owners own a D700?

Ricoh GRD3 and a Fuji Klasse

Sold most of my Nikon lenses, just keeping a few fast primes and a long zoom tele. Sometimes speed will be of the essence, is my reasoning, and I have no need for higher resolution than what the D700 already gives me.

XP1 does most stuff now, which is why I got it - lugging the D700 around was too much effort a lot of the time, and the pocket cameras weren't good enough for the kind of things I like doing.

But the pocket cameras are great for situations where I don't want to be carrying much/expensive kit - parties, camping, that kind of thing.

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