SEL18200LE vs. SEL18200

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Re: SEL18200LE vs. SEL18200

turnstyle wrote:

(EDIT: oops, just saw there was another thread about the SEL18200LE)

What's with the SEL18200LE -- same F3.5-6 as the SEL18200 -- but a bit smaller and lighter? Any word on how the IQ compares?

Seems weird to be waiting so long for lenses, just to see something like that come out.

This is odd:

The US Sony Store page for the new lens states that it's an 18-200, f/2.5-5.6, but if you take a close look at the barrel on the photo, it's clearly marked as a f/3.5-6.3, the same as the old one...but it's a black lens, and I'm pretty sure they never made the old lens in black.

Also, this page clearly states it's f/3.5-6.3:

Sony Japan also states it's f/3.5-6.3...


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