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Re: Nifty Fifty...50mm f1.8 Ken Rockwell

The art of focusing involves the photographer knowing what focusing modes to use for specific subjects, how to use that system and the limitations of the camera and lens they are using. It also means having a good understanding of DOF especially with fast prime lenses which are usually the domain of the experienced photographers with great techniques.

I wouldnt call it an "art", it involved no creativity, it is standard mid-level understanding of photography. For the purpose of this discussion, you can assume all participants have more than a fair grasp.

I teach photography and without any assumptions can tell you most people DONT know how to focus correctly and is the biggest single mistake people make when trying to achieve sharp images.

How many people do think use this lens and use the outside sensors of their camera which on most amateur DSLRs are less accurate and can lead to inaccurate focus.

please stop discounting this problem as a mere reflection of incompetence of photographers. you know better

I do know better because I teach photography and again can assure you user error when focusing is a massive issue so my statements are based on FACT.

How many people put way to much trust in AF and dont use their eyes as a visual confirmation.

for a moment I though you knew what you were talking about, but I am not so sure now. if you dont understand the impossibility of what you proposed here then I guess I have been wasting time engaging in this discussion.

You are extremely arrogant and not very bright if you dont understand this statement. Do you focus on your subject and when you here the confirmation beep and see the confirmation focus light then take the photo regardless of whether it looks sharp in the viewfinder. Are your eyes incapable of seeing if the camera has focused where it is meant too even with shallow DOF. This would explain your inability to get satisfactory results and I find it amusing if you put such blind faith in your cameras AF system.

In fact maybe you should sell your 50mm to somebody who may appreciate it more than you do and has more luck getting sharp results at 1.8.

You are not entitle to make such suggestion and at any rate it is plainly false, I have said before I still use this lens for some application, I just dont use it at F1.8.

Its a public forum and Im entitled to my opinion just as you are yours, so get over yourself.

As a general comment. when people come to a forum asking advise on whether to buy something - be it a lens or a camera or a car or a gun , they have obviously already heard good things about that product, what they want to know is if there is anything they should know that salesman or advertisement don't tell them. Hence, in my view, responsible forum advices should always err on the side of caution, rather than setting possibly inflated expectation.

And we are giving the right advice but your expectations for this lens are ridiculously out of proportion. You have no idea what great value is.

large portion of your post commented on how novices make mistakes that increase the chance of AF inconsistency, have you thought about the fact that most people that are asking about low end gear are in fact novices? keeping that in mind shouldn't you caution against a lens that is prune to novice usage - even if you think it is good enough in hands of "advanced users" (like you think are)?

Yes most novices do make mistakes focusing but will quickly learn how to use their cameras AF system with more care and attention when using a lens like this and it
will have only cost them 100.00.

Fair dinkum mate you really need to start reading what people are saying and stop being such a smart ass.

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