UK Digital Photo Mag Says 5d3 Better than d800

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Re: I agree

For the sake of argument, I will simply accept your premise, though it's quite debatable.

Do you shoot concerts predominantly? What do you shoot? I'm curious, because clearly shooting at iso1000+ and FPS is very important you. I can understand that completely. Shooting from iso 100 > 1000 appears to have little value to you. I'm looking for someone where these so called advantages of the 5d3 are illustrated. I'm looking for a situation where the 5d3 can get the shot, that a d800 cannot. This claim is being thrown around a LOT to support the "5d3 is superior" argument. This, in spite of the preview, dxo mark review where the RAW comparisons were extremely comparable up to the native iso range, 6400.

Only a blind person could not acknowledge that the D800 "beats" the 5d3 at low iso in terms of resolution and DR. No tripod required. ==All things being equal==, the D800 will out resolve the 5d3 in ALL circumstances. This myth needs to be killed.

If you shoot jpeg and live more than 50% of the time at iso1000+...ok, the 5d3 is for you. Enjoy it.

Ramjager wrote:

Not sure hat gets your looking at I am still yet to see a test at pixel level where the D800 beats the Mk3.

When combined with the 5Dmk3s better DR at hi ISO (1000+) superior buffer and FPS and it's Lear he Mk3 is a better tool for more subjects than he D800.

Yes the D800 is a good camera but every Nikon and Canon ody for the last 6 years have been.
As a multi subject tool the Mk3 ticks more boxes..

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