Nikon D80 "Err"

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Nikon D80 "Err"

Today I was snapping a few photos with my D80 (auto mode, with flash, 18-70 Nikkor lens, storing in RAW + JPEG fine). Between one photo and the next (with essentially no movement of myself or the camera and no change of settings), the "Err" message appeared on the LCD. The shutter will still release and sounds exactly like it normally does, i.e. no indication that there is a problem with the mechanics of the shutter or mirror. But of course no image is saved, no auto-focus, no flash. When I depress the shutter button, the message "r02" appears - but this is just my buffer speed, not relating to the error message, right? It changes if I change my image format (the "err" message remains).

I have searched extensively here and elsewhere on the web and tried everything suggested, with no luck and absolutely no change in the error:

  • turned camera on and off

  • tried different settings, e.g. Manual mode, though I cannot change things like aperture and shutter speed while the error is there

  • tried another lens (Nikkor 70-300) and cleaned the contacts (on lens and camera) with alcohol swab

  • fired the shutter with no lens attached

  • took out battery, fully charged it, put back in

  • the Mirror Lock function in the menu is grayed out, so I could not try that

  • formatted the memory card, and tried a different card (both cards work fine in another camera)

  • pressed the dedicated reset button next to the USB connector (then reset the clock to remove the "clock" error message)

  • used the two buttons with green dots to reset certain settings

  • the lens does not have an aperture ring so it's not an issue with that.

Does anyone have any other suggestions? Seems strange that it would be working perfectly and then suddenly show the error between one shot and the next. The camera is almost 4 years old but I have taken good care of it and it's never shown any mechanical issue at all. (Which is not to say there's not one now.) I use it quite a lot - no idea how many shots I've taken with it (is that recorded in the camera somewhere?) but probably well into the 10s of thousands, likely approaching the expected lifespan of the camera. Still - no previous issues at all.

I understand Nikon Support is the logical next step; the problem is that I purchased the camera in the US but am now living in New Zealand. I would still have to go through Nikon Support in the US, and send it there for repairs if necessary. Unfortunately that is not something I can afford right now (shipping from NZ is expensive) and even if I could, it might be cheaper to purchase another camera body!

So, I would be very grateful from any advice you may be able to offer. Thanks!!!

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