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Re: Boat sails. Thom on dock. And Venice still lovely

venice wrote:

I agree that it is better to have choices. I have the 28-300 and have used it on my D3x but when I do a fashion shoot I generally use either my 24 f/1.4 or 85 G f/1.4 or 135 DC f/2 for their size, fast focus, and the way they render an image. On a recent outdoor sports shoot I used my D3x and the 24-70 for the fast focus.

Even more mysterious why you choose to attack Thom's advice, then. Seems like you have misinterpreted it, and it also seems to be impossible to explain to you that more sensible interpretations are the correct ones.

About your ad hominem crack about my being inexperienced ...

Another example of your misinterpretations. I don't think you meant the Boat sails line as an ad hominem attack on Thom, and the following up should be taken in the same vein. You should rather think about why you appear to be inexperienced, when you in fact are not.

It is because I am very experienced that I can comfortably criticize Thom and his fallacious argument.

Rather typical that you continue making such statements about the quality of other's arguments, even after several people have shown your interpretations wrong, isn't it?
I think most people are able to read Thom as he intended.

If you cannot make terrific images using the 28-300 and a D800 then it is your failing as a photographer, not the equipment. I can afford any lens I want to get the shot I visualize, not everyone can. Also, not everyone wants to travel with a bag of lenses. And, the 28-300 on a D800 probably handily beats the 24-70 on a D700 for resolution anyway.

28-300/D800 beats 24-70/D700 resolution-wise: There is no way that is possible in general. Which is why we have to question your experience when you make this general statement. But, sure, you can go on shooting for years and only use the styles where the 28-300/D800 indeed does look better than the 24-70/D700. Maybe for 90% of all shots that may be true. But the remaining 10% is somewhat important, and very probably for a lot more than 10% of shooters. I have presented examples from my own experience with the corresponding situation on DX, and count me as an amateur, the crowd you are concerned about - then you can't dismiss my experience. (I really don't think the fact that I did professional shooting 40 years ago is very relevant to the IQ/equipment topic here.) Do you see a pattern here: I'm not disputing at all the validity of your arguments - within limits - but you insists on them being generally correct, which they aren't.

If you had read what I wrote, you would also have known that it was exacty beacuse I didn't want to bring so many back-up primes along that I ended up using the 16-85 with the D300 most, reserving the 18-200 for more special occasions. If I get the 28-300, I will probably never take it out without at least a 35+85mm set of primes. That will not be so urgent with, say, the 24-70 + 70-300 combo.

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