ISO 3200, Shutter 1/10 sec., f/1.8 & handheld

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Re: ISO 3200, Shutter 1/10 sec., f/1.8 & handheld

Before someone jumps in here and makes some type of criticism (not that I see anything to criticize, but it often happens) let me just say, as an old film photographer, this is an example of what is really neat about this technology (the NEX large sensor size and capabilities of the sensor, optics, and processing). In the old days you were stuck with whatever film you happened to have in the camera. In this type of situation, even if you had "fast" film of 400 ISO you couldn't get this shot - too dim. Even if that ISO was fast enough it was grainy. And, at 1/10 of a second probably too blurry. Given the fact that I can now take a pretty nice image in such low light, with the capability of having flexible and extremely fast 3200 ISO relatively grain-less (today read noise-free), optically stable so you can actually use 1/10 s. exposure hand-held, and autofocus - this is just amazing really. I am willing to ignore the small defects for "the big picture".
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