Sensor cleaning

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Re: Sensor cleaning

I use the same stuff my camera store uses to clean my sensor, Elclipse II liquid and the specially-designed paddles with the cleaning cloths pre-attached. It was the camera shop who first showed me I could clean "Between professional cleanings," via Eclipse. I have seen numerous warnings about how fragile/et cetera the sensor is. Folks act like the hand of God will slap you over the head if you do anything more than blow on the sensor. Nonsense !

Well, I have used the professional cleaner long enough to know that is all bunk. Put a few small drops on the paddle head and clean that sucker good. Use common sense - you don't scrub like your getting grout out of the bathtub. Use the lightest amount of pressure possible in long strokes.

I have had 4 different digital sensored cameras and all have been cleaned this way w/out prob. Hell, I cleaned the NEX out 3 days ago, the sky pics had been looking so bad, you would have thought I was eating Doritos over the camera without a lens attached. Sure, start with a blower, just know it's only the first step (if you want a really clean sensor.

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