Best way to 400-500MM for under $2k

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Re: Best way to 400-500MM for under $2k

I am coming to that conclusion. After reading many reviews and forums on Bigma and the 70/300 VR I had thought the Sigma to be better. Lots of complaints about the Nikon being soft at 300 and lots of praise for the sharpness of the Sigma, even at 500. Beginning to think its just rationalization or rose colored glasses because The Digital Picture Comparator tool shows the 70-300 to be substantially better than either of the 500mm Sigmas: sharpness and contrast. And the 70-200VRII with the Nikon Tc 2.0III is better still (although it's close to my eye). And of course the 2.8 lens without a TC or with the 1.4 is head and shoulders above.

Latet thought is to use the 70-300 and crop until I can afford the 2.8+ TC. Got a friend loaning me the 2.8 to test but he does not have ala TC.

I'm in Co so no good rental sources locally although I guess you can do it through mail. Wouldn't want to drop 20% of the cost to buy on a rental, though. Makes more sense to buy and resell as needed, IMHO.


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