How to photograph Solar Eclipse?

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Re:Shooting the Sun: Experimental results


Using gaffer tape may or may not work. If you cover up your kit in between shots then I think it will work. Otherwise as things heat up it will expand and so who knows, even your pre-set focus may no longer be optimal. That's why I plan to redo focus from time to time.

As for why LiveView is "too hot", I don't understand. May be that's something about Nikon's implementation. But with mine, I can't imagine how I can do any better without LiveView. Be able to zoom in at 10X is extremely useful.

Good luck with your aperture/shutter speed experiment.

pho64 wrote:

Martysj, that was my comment about getting down to f/8. I didn't have a chance to try it today, but I agree, every little bit helps at this point. I actually only have one stop of shutter speed, which takes it to f/16, but the image is also brightened one stop in post. So I should be able to go to f/8 with a stop to spare. I'll then burst bracket the exposure one stop on either side for good measure.

Critical focus is my biggest problem at the moment. Live View is too hot to be useful except to center the Sun, but a piece of gaffer's tape holds the focus ring from slight movements. I think I was originally trying f/32 to increase depth of field, at the expense of diffraction error of course.

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