x100 Focus Help

Started May 19, 2012 | Discussions thread
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x100 Focus Help


I received my X100 today. It has been updated to FW1.30.

I'm only shooting in jpg. I have it on AF-S and center point focus. I'm shooting in an indoor kitchen with standard flourescent lighting. I have tried F2 to F8, auto iso to 3200.
Shutter is between 1/40 to 1/100.

I'm just not getting any tack sharp images and don't know why. Is anyone bumping the sharpness settings for jpg mode?

I know there is some learning curve here but I just want to confirm I don't have a defective camera.

Same shots in the kitchen taking with a nex5N and SEL50mm produces tack sharp images.

Also, curious, why when you half press, the image on the LCD is tact sharp,

then you take the shot and the playback image is dull? it seems the playback images stored look just as dull.

This is frustrating. The excitement is gone for now.

Thanks for any help.

Flat view
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