Nikon should start over with the names

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Re: Nikon should start over with the names

Hosh wrote:

No it's not, they'll call it the 10 and assume their users aren't stupid enough to confuse it with a camera released 40 years earlier.

tdptdp wrote:

It's all good 'til they're trying to release the Pro FX Nikon 10, 18 years from now

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Just be happy you don't own could have a Canon F1, a Canon F1 (new, no different marking on camera), a Canon F1n, a Canon D60, and a Canon 60D.

Actually, the naming was almost like a battle between the two companies. Nikon's first flagship was the F and Canon grabbed the name F1. So, Nikon's next was F2, Canon's next was F1 (again, but a different camera). Nikon had a Nikkormat FT for a second banana, Canon's was FT also if memory serves. Next go around was Nikkormat FTn (for "new") for Nikon, not to be confused with a Nikon FTn which was a Nikon F w/a Photomic FTn finder. Canon's was FTb. So, if you see that suddenly Nikon and/or Canon naming isn't consistent with what they've done in the past, well, you'd have to explain it to me. ;D

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