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Re: revisionist history

sensibill wrote:

Jon Allison wrote:

It's not said or implied, but people get jumped on if they dare to criticise, like the guy who mentioned that the new sony is better than the NX1000...

NEX trolls are a common issue here. The guy is a NEX user posting that he thinks NEX is superior in a Samsung forum. He isn't giving a well thought out critique of a camera he owns or has any experience with. The same thing would happen if you tried that kind of thing in ANY forum, and it doesn't prove a thing about the overall sentiment of the users here. I've owned a Sony camera myself.

Oh, I see, he brings up differences between the systems, so therefore he's a troll. This says more about you than it does him.

By 'Tom', I assume you mean Tim. His post justified my comment, if my agreeing with someone else's opinions rattles your sensibilities, well I'm sorry.

The guy said he was happy to get his new WB850. What the hell was wrong with that? You're nothing more than a forum thug.

We've discussed this before.

By the way, I never said anything about anti-samsung comments, don't read more into this than there really is, and make me out to be something I'm not.

What? You've been playing this tune since the start - that the forum is filled with shills that brook no negative commentary about Samsung products. You JUST SAID above in this same message that 'people get jumped on if they dare to criticize'. Is this the 'memory hole' you keep talking about??

I've not criticised any samsung product in these threads. That guy you just mentioned talking about the NEX got jumped on by you, JUST NOW.

I strongly advise that you read Greynerd's first post accusing me of 'sneering at compact users', and of being a 'pixel peeping IQ fetishist', and then my next post justifying my opinion and my 'background', it is on Greynerd's next post that he calls me a troll.

You did troll with your 'you said it I thought it' message about 'go post a five star review'. I think Greynerd may have made a few assumptions about you in general, but his basic point was pretty spot-on about you trolling.

"Made assumptions', what more can I say?

When someone accuses me of something, well that's one thing; I then put my case across. Should be end of story, then it continues...I then feel justified in 'upping the ante', so to speak.

How about learning how to walk away? Who cares if GN has the wrong idea about you? Are you that insecure you can't just say 'fine, believe what you want' and move on? It's not like you were in the midst of an insightful discourse on cameras, you were there to poke fun at someone. Be honest with yourself, man.

"How about learning to walk away" my, my, that's rich. I already tried that with you on the NEX thread when you went on the offensive, obviously didn't work.

Have you asked everyone ? I've been PM'ed by two long standing, respected frequent posters from this forum (neither of whom was Snake_B) who can see that it's not me who has a problem. I can't divulge more.

Oh, well that must mean everything you've said here is 100% justified and thoughtfully phrased, right? I've been here a long time too, and while I don't agree with everyone or get my point across as effectively as I'd like, I try not to blow up the forum and blame the world at large.

I think I detected sarcasm there, please let me know.

Really, relax, it's just a forum, don't give yourself a stroke, it's not worth it.

Then cut the ad hominems out, stop saying Samsung people are a bunch of brand blinded devotees lynching all contrary opinion and start talking cameras. I'd be more than happy to check out your photos.

I didn't say that all "Samsung people are brand blinded devotees, just one or two maybe. Also, you might like to look up the meaning of 'ad hominem' in a good dictionary.

Enjoy my photos.

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