User reviews of cameras on dpreview

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Re: User reviews of cameras on dpreview

sensibill wrote:

Just quit attacking and insulting people and you won't find yourself on the defensive, having to do this tap dance of alternating between blaming others for your own acerbic snipes and rephrasing your stance ad nauseum to try to come off rational or reasonable when everyone can see what you did in the WB850 thread and now two others. It's clear you're quite angry, but nobody here has done anything to earn that ire.

sigh I know what I said on the 850 forum, what I said on the others was in direct response to your rantings.
I'm not the one getting angry here.

This forum is for people to talk about photography and cameras, not for you to 'weed out' and 'go on a major offensive' against those you think are shills.

I never mentioned 'weed out', they are normally too obvious for this.

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