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Re: D80 vs D5100

I have my own D80 about 6 years, and a D300 about 4 years. I was werry hapy with them, bat in the last year I want a movie making camera and for a low budget condition I choose for D5100 and I buy it.

I read a lot of elogious reviews befor and I was shure I choose the right camera for my need, but sun after I use it I was verry, verry disappointed.

First impresion when I take it in my hands was that is a light camera, bat verry light. Is a small camera, bat verry small. The buttons sound and feel and click is like a very cheap toy.

I don't want to enumerate the whole list of problem and lackings in comparation with the D80, but I want to show here another problem with D5100. The grip is to little for my hand, and I have not a big hand, but a little one I think, and the grip is verry small for my hand. Is place for just three fingers. One on shutter and two on grip. But the grip is to small and I take it only in the top of my fingers like a pice of cake or something. The grip is to small and the fingers have not enough space. It must take it with the top of the fingers. In conclusion after 15 minutes with camera and 70-200 on my eye, I can't feel my fingers. After half a hour with D5100, when I take the old D80 I think I have a professional camera in my hands. On the D80 grip all the fingers have places and my hand is full. All my hand not only the top of fingers. I fell my hand is full and sure on the camera grip. Think about you want to use a basseball stiyck to strong strike the boll and the grip of the stiyck is like a straw. Haw do you fell?

And like the cherry on the cake the battery is dead after 14-15 minutes in life view for the movie.

All of that problems and the full list that was tolking here make the D5100 an indesirable camera and a cheep toy in comparation with D80.

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