User reviews of cameras on dpreview

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Re: User reviews of cameras on dpreview

brianj wrote:

Jon Allison wrote:

I was merely refering to the shills that samsung uses on this forum.

If there are shills as you call them on this forum and most likely many other forums as well, then I see that as advantageous, as they may bring valuable inhouse information that could not be obtained any other way.

I look at that as more 'insider information', which is a good thing. I look at shills as promoting a product , well, just advertising.

I and most people are quite able to sort out the wheat from the chaff and make our own decisions on what we buy, we don't need special people to come to the forum to protect us from making the wrong decision based on what we read here.

I am, luckily, a born cynic and can sort out the wheat from the chaff (generally) but it's the newbies on a budget who come here for unbiased advice; advice that covers the negatives as well as the positives.

What I believe we are really seeing here is people who are afraid that samsung may beat their beloved canon or sony in the market, so are dropping in here to try to destroy any positive vibe.

I'm an Oly M43 shooter, not a NX shooter; I looked at all mirrorless on the market and I felt that M43 was the best for me , I'm not here to shoot down Samsung. Competition is good. I don't believe I've ever been negative about samsung products without saying why I feel this way. There are many negatives about Oly too and I can happily discuss them.

What we all should do is enjoy and discuss all brands of camera without feeling threatened.

Totally agree again, some of the hyperbole here is quite amazing. I know I'm not squeaky clean, but I've not gone on a major offensive with no reason. Some people are too bellicose from the start.


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