Samsung NX is not competing with NEX, look at their pricing

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Jon Allison Regular Member • Posts: 317
Re: OK, snakeb (nt)

sensibill wrote:

Jon Allison wrote:

Who's trolling now? Making accusations of two accounts when you got so defensive when one sais that you might have two.

'mhike' hasn't even denied he's snakeb. He's reiterated the exact same snide comments ('NX200 is the best camera ever'). That's a previously dormant account the sprang to life after 10 months of inactivity just when snakeb gets banned (and was probably created for that purpose last time he was banned)? Not exactly wild conjecture.

You constantly do this 'you're the troll, not me' act, but your posts recently here have been exclusively to snipe people for liking their cameras, insult Greynerd and fabricate the whole 'Samsung must have positive reviews' conspiracy.


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