Best Pro Folio site - smugmug, zenfolio ? What?

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Re: Those are dated. Go with the flow:

To be fair, aphotofolio has special iPad-friendly mirror sites.

But, if you have to have HTML mirrors of your site for a good segment of your viewership, why would you not just write it in HTML/CSS in the first place so every single device can view it?

There are no advantages to using Flash.

Sal Baker wrote:

I don't understand why anyone in business would want to eliminate so many people from their potential customer base. Forrester Research says in a their recent report that tablets (iPads) have taken over the "second screen" position from laptops. Apple has sold 55 million iPads since the first one launched, and they are on track to sell an additional 60 million in just this year. 50% of iPad users make over $100k a year. Kindle Fire is coming on strong and Adobe has ditched mobile Flash software.

My company has moved from glossy print to iPad publications using Adobe DPS for most promotional and marketing collateral. Why would a photographer trying to sell their work even consider using Flash which knocks their web site off of every iPhone, iPad, and other mobile device out there? The iPad is an incredible device for viewing photographs, why not build a site that works on it?


Ubiquity99 wrote:

There is no reason to use Flash over HTML5/CSS/JS. None. Zero. Flash is an anachronism. That isn't fanboyism. That is the reality of modern web design.

I really don't understand why photographers cling to gaudy Flash-based web designs when most of the rest of the world has long since moved on.

Lets check an example site:

It has a multi-second splash screen. Splash screens are awful. When I see a splash screen, I assume some terrible music is going to start playing next.

Click on People. It takes something like 6 seconds to fully load the menu. Every single time you change subsections, you have to wait again to reload the menu. That is absolutely mind-numbingly bad design. And that seems to be the default behavior for all aphotofolio sites.

Flash-based, slow as molasses, incredibly bad design, and pointless 'flair' that does nothing but make the site frustrating to use. And this is supposed to be an example of a good portfolio site? Yeh, no.

studio311 wrote:

wow...aphotofolio is NOT all flash based. It uses html mirror sites for optimizing SEO, etc.

Sorry, but I can't "deal" with these forums anymore. 99% of one's time & energy is spent sifting through fanatical fanboy non-sense or correcting blatant mis-statements due to a lack of due diligence. Just not my cup 'o tea.

Ubiquity99 wrote:

How is SmugMug hard to customize? It's just Javascript and CSS. You can easily make it look like whatever you want it to look like.

mischivo wrote:

I used to have a Zenfolio account, and now I have two. But I wouldn't dare use that for a portfolio. Zenfolio, and Smugmug (the latter is worse) are very dated looking, and it's extremely difficult to customize them, as you're stuck within their dated parameters.

That's why I invested in a Both my portfolio and daily blog run on their servers using their services.
portfolio ::
daily blog ::

I shoot film. I shoot digital. Both are great in their own ways. The nice thing about film is that I can always have the most advanced imaging technology around packed into my 20 year old camera. That's one aspect of digital that I loathe.

Oh God, and aphotofolio is all Flash-based? What a joke. Why do people think that Flash is still an acceptable thing to use for modern web design? It isn't. Stop using it. Please.

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