Samsung NX is not competing with NEX, look at their pricing

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Re: Samsung NX is not competing with NEX, look at their pricing

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NEX F3 is only $600 so even the cheapest one (without image stabilization kit lens) is $100 more. They are using a sensor that is proven to be worse in high ISO (3200) compare with NEX, no auto HDR and most likely worse video quality than try to sell it at a higher price.

The NEX F3 has no mode dial. Usability is seriously hampered by this.

The Sony 16 MP is not much better at 3200 if shot in RAW. The NX 20 MP sensor is very capable.

The NX has WiFi (the F3 does not).

Auto HDR mode is a gimick You do better to shoot in RAW my personal opinion and expose for the highlights and boost the shadows. The NX has real bracketing, +/- 3 EV so you can shoot your own HDR and do a better job at it. The Sony is only +/- 0.7

I would probably be willing to pay the $100 more.


I understand your point, but I think that the target audience wouldn't really do much RAW processing, or be too worried about the interface. They probably wouldn't buy any more lenses.

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I'm not sure what target market you had in mind, but if you meant general consumer market, those would most likely fall on the fixed camera or PS camera buyers since they would most likely not wanting to have bigger lens cameras.

there are few adopters of the mirrorless ILCs but they don't represent a huge part of the so called general market.

No company can rely solely on its current users, surely. I thought the whole idea of small, easy to use, pink and white CSC's want to entice the compact user, to an extent.

I don't know the percentages, but I'm sure that it must play a considerable part, otherwise there wouldn't be a NX1000, Panasonic GF3/5 Olympus EPM1.

The bulk of people I see with these these models (or similar) just have the kit lens.

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