Best Pro Folio site - smugmug, zenfolio ? What?

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Re: Those are dated. Go with the flow:

There is no reason to use Flash over HTML5/CSS/JS. None. Zero. Flash is an anachronism. That isn't fanboyism. That is the reality of modern web design.

I really don't understand why photographers cling to gaudy Flash-based web designs when most of the rest of the world has long since moved on.

Lets check an example site:

It has a multi-second splash screen. Splash screens are awful. When I see a splash screen, I assume some terrible music is going to start playing next.

Click on People. It takes something like 6 seconds to fully load the menu. Every single time you change subsections, you have to wait again to reload the menu. That is absolutely mind-numbingly bad design. And that seems to be the default behavior for all aphotofolio sites.

Flash-based, slow as molasses, incredibly bad design, and pointless 'flair' that does nothing but make the site frustrating to use. And this is supposed to be an example of a good portfolio site? Yeh, no.

studio311 wrote:

wow...aphotofolio is NOT all flash based. It uses html mirror sites for optimizing SEO, etc.

Sorry, but I can't "deal" with these forums anymore. 99% of one's time & energy is spent sifting through fanatical fanboy non-sense or correcting blatant mis-statements due to a lack of due diligence. Just not my cup 'o tea.

Ubiquity99 wrote:

How is SmugMug hard to customize? It's just Javascript and CSS. You can easily make it look like whatever you want it to look like.

mischivo wrote:

I used to have a Zenfolio account, and now I have two. But I wouldn't dare use that for a portfolio. Zenfolio, and Smugmug (the latter is worse) are very dated looking, and it's extremely difficult to customize them, as you're stuck within their dated parameters.

That's why I invested in a Both my portfolio and daily blog run on their servers using their services.
portfolio ::
daily blog ::

I shoot film. I shoot digital. Both are great in their own ways. The nice thing about film is that I can always have the most advanced imaging technology around packed into my 20 year old camera. That's one aspect of digital that I loathe.

Oh God, and aphotofolio is all Flash-based? What a joke. Why do people think that Flash is still an acceptable thing to use for modern web design? It isn't. Stop using it. Please.

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