Multi Function Lock behavior on 5D3?

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Multi Function Lock behavior on 5D3?

Not sure if this is a bug or "functioning as intended", but it sure is confusing:

  • Mode dial is set to one of the already registered C1,C2,C3 settings

  • Enter the C.Fn2 menu

  • Alter the setup for the "Multi-Function Lock" button, hit OK, Exit Menu

  • Power cycle camera

  • Custom Setting is lost!?

This also holds true for "Default Erase Option" and I assume other custom settings.

However if I alter these custom settings while the mode dial is in Av, Tv, M then the settings are properly retained across a power up.

To make things even more confusing, after I change this setup in Av, and then switch back to C1, C2, C3, then I once again lose the custom setting I just made in Av mode....because back when I registered the C1, C2, C3 setup previously I had not yet changed my Lock button setup.

When you register a Cx setup, it saves a copy all the custom settings in place at that moment, even if they are seemingly unrelated to custom modes (not sure why I would ever want different behavior of the default erase button based on the mode switch).

Moral of the Story:

  • Before registering your C1, C2. C3 setups, make sure you have the custom settings of the camera setup as you like.

  • Don't try to change custom settings while you are in C1, C2, C3 modes, they don't take across a power cycle.

  • If you alter one of the custom settings, you will need to re register your Cx setup in order for it to

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