Massive A77 Flash Test (14-image series)

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A77 Flash Test Results - Part 2

Test 5 (but labeled test 6 on the image, again, ignore this as it'll be happening the rest of the images

So now I troubleshoot to see if perhaps my 35mm 1.8 SAM lens is at fault. I remove the lens and replace with 16-50 SSM and remove the hood (to prevent slight shadow falling on the subject, which could theoretically throw off the flash readings). Results? No change, other than ISO 100 and 200 being a bit darker now because the f/2.8 is a stop behind f/1.8 of the 35 SAM.

Test 6 So I've grown tired of the onboard flash being completely worthless, so I switch to a Sony 43AM with flash facing forward. Parameters listed in the image. Much better results, though a bit too hot for me.

Test 7 Flash comp again set to "magic" 1.3EV. This seems to work for my lower ISOs, but quickly raises to "too hot" on the upper ISOS. Thankfully, it's not nearly as bad as the onboard flash.

Test 8 So perhaps my evaluative metering is affecting the exposure, since we have a dark background? I change to spot metering (see first post to see spot metering location). No change, exposures grow hotter.

Test 9 Spot metering doesn't seem to work, so again I try lowering flash comp to -3 EV. No change, still too hot.

Test 10 Perhaps I'm too close? I move back almost 30%, move focal length to 50mm to keep comparable subject size coverage. ISO 3200 seems a bit less overexposed than previous test, but still too hot on the samples, considering that again I've carried over the preview test parameter of -3EV flash comp.

Test 11 What happens in bounce flash? A marked improvement. 75 degrees upwward. I moved back to -1.3EV and as you can see, the flash does grow progressively hotter but not nearly as bad as before.

Test 12 Now that flash bounce seems to work fairly well, let's see if moving flash compensation up to 0.0 actually makes a noticeable difference. Seems it does, at right around 1 stop difference in flash exposure. Finally, something working almost correctly, though again we see the flash becoming hotter as the series progresses in ISO.

Test 13 Let's make sure we're good in a double-angle, so I keep the 75 degrees upward angle and move the flash right to 45 degrees. Again, it progressively grows hotter, but barely.


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