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Re: revisionist history

sensibill wrote:

And nowhere in this forum has anyone ever said or even implied that negative opinions about Samsung cameras should never be posted, nor that all Samsung product reviews must be positive.

It's not said or implied, but people get jumped on if they dare to criticise, like the guy who mentioned that the new sony is better than the NX1000...

Given that, what exactly justified your comment in assent with snakeb to Tom? As I said before, it had nothing whatsoever to do with you getting flak for anti-Samsung comments. You were just being snide for its own sake.

By 'Tom', I assume you mean Tim. His post justified my comment, if my agreeing with someone else's opinions rattles your sensibilities, well I'm sorry.

By the way, I never said anything about anti-samsung comments, don't read more into this than there really is, and make me out to be something I'm not.

Greynerd had a 'militant' but perfectly valid point about that, and you and your forked pal went completely off on the guy, thus hijacking/trolling that thread. That's not hyperbole or 'subjectivity', anyone reading it would agree that's what you did.

I strongly advise that you read Greynerd's first post accusing me of 'sneering at compact users', and of being a 'pixel peeping IQ fetishist', and then my next post justifying my opinion and my 'background', it is on Greynerd's next post that he calls me a troll.

When someone accuses me of something, well that's one thing; I then put my case across. Should be end of story, then it continues...I then feel justified in 'upping the ante', so to speak.

You're lying about the part you played in a thread that's just a couple of days old and everyone can still see for themselves. Who do you think you're kidding..?

Have you asked everyone ? I've been PM'ed by two long standing, respected frequent posters from this forum (neither of whom was Snake_B) who can see that it's not me who has a problem. I can't divulge more.

Really, relax, it's just a forum, don't give yourself a stroke, it's not worth it.

Go out, take some photos, or, look at some of mine, some of which are even taken with a small sensored camera!! (as if I had to say it again) fill your boots.


Tomorrow may be too late.

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