Anyone one who has 70-200 VR2 also owns 85 1.8 G,...

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Re: Anyone one who has 70-200 VR2 also owns 85 1.8 G,...

studio311 wrote:

I understand why you would say that...but to my eyes (and tests I've seen), it's (85G) significantly better in the bokeh dept than the 50G.

Yes, I agree, I have 50 1.4G, its bokeh is fine, but not great. And I saw bokeh of 85 1.8G online, it's better.

compared to my 85 f1.4G...with both at f2, ... the 85 f1,8G is really, really close in both resolution and bokeh.

Good to hear this, so 85 1.8G is designed for poor guy like me, to have a great bokeh images.

If someone wants to pay 3x more for that ...knock yourself out. Not me. I can't put my finger on it yet, but I actually think I prefer the f1.8 overall. Crazy.

OP...I'm a portrait / fashion / beauty shooter. In my experience, there are MANY situations where pointing a 70-200 doesn't make your subjects feel as comfortable vs a 85 prime. And I really, really don't like the weight. Then again, I own a 200 nevermind.

I agree, but my 70-200 was always pointing to my daughter and my wife. So, they are getting used to it But for others besides us, maybe not.

200 f2 ? Isn't it heavy than 70-200 2.8 ? My rich friend

argh69 wrote:

the bokeh of the 85mm 1.8g can't be any better than the 50mm 1.4g since it is 7 blades vs. 9 rounded.

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