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brianj wrote:

Jon Allison wrote:

I have got no major gripes against the EX1, just the usual slightly dodgy at high isos, menus can be confusing, zoom could be slightly longer for portraits. These things for me are not a great issue, I would, however, mention them to any potential buyer because they could be 'deal breakers' for them. That's the point I'm / I was trying to make.

I agree with those points, and there are a few others like the removal of some features when other features are turned on. It is very frustrating to not be able to have two features in use at the same time. My other major gripe is the fact that EV is disabled when in Smart Range or backlit scene mode, as it is very difficult to get the correct exposure.

Anyway, it can still be coaxed to take great pictures.


Absolutely. I don't use mine much at the mo, I mainly use my Oly m43 gear, (which has its own drawbacks) that's not 'big sensor snobbery', it just gives me more flexibility and better picture quality, that's not trolling, just saying it like it is. The EX1 is great when I go out at night, small, subtle easy to carry, and no conundrums as to which lens to take!

I wasn't trashing any Samsung camera, it just irks me when I'm accused of 'sneering' at small sensors and their users, which people take to be a personal attack, when nothing of the sort was mentioned. I was merely refering to the shills that samsung uses on this forum.

I will take my EX1 out soon for a session, it's been a while.

Some of my EX1 shots are here

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