User reviews of cameras on dpreview

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Re: User reviews of cameras on dpreview

Greynerd wrote:

Sensibill and I have had our disagreements but make our point and then know when to stop.

But clearly you don't.

I am registered with DPR under a UK isp email so my location is clear to DPR. I have complained about your sustained and directed attack against me Jon and specifically the absurd claim you are making now that I am posting under a double alias.

'My sustained and directed attack', please, give me strength.

The locations and equipment used for the pictures taken by myself and Sensibill are very different. To any long term reader of this forum the idea we are the same must appear beyond ridiculous.

Dry your eyes.

sensibill wrote:

Jon Allison wrote:

Oh yeah, I forgot that I can change my location, and that I take different types of photo. Another fatuous comment that proves nothing.
Think before you write.

Sure, why not. Greynerd and I the same person. I staged disagreements with the guy as far back as last year just to throw you off the trail. I remember a recently-departed prolific forum member who put forward similar conspiracy theories. Let's see. What happened to him, again?

This is more obfuscation to distract from your blatant trolling. There was no context that warranted such comments as you posted to the WB850 thread, so you blame the targets of your attempts at instigating strife because they didn't ignore your jabs.

Honestly, you have no intention to actually discuss cameras here, do you?

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