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Re: Not sure about Weddings

Biggs23 wrote:

Oztom wrote:

Cant wait to see the responses from this one.

Personally i think your extremely narrow minded regardless of your moral beliefs.

Oh the irony. You realize that by discarding his beliefs you too are being narrow minded, right?

Then it's a narrow mindedness I am happy to live with.

There is no place for prejudice or discrimination in this world and thankfully people such as yourself are a dying breed.

But you yourself are discriminating against him. So there's no place for people like you either, right?

So your saying all people who are against discrimination are discriminating against the discriminators. Not so smart comment.

And no I am not gay but find it offensive that you think you are morally above any one who does not think the way you do.

So you're alright with EVERYTHING, correct? If not, how are you not also thinking that you are 'morally above any one who does not think the way you do'?

Does being so tolerant disturb you that much.

Hopefully there is time for you to change and join the majority of the human race who believe

Majority, huh? Could you provide some statistics on that for me?

I was hoping that the world had moved out of the jurassic period but obviously their are still dinosaurs wandering around

that we are all equal in the eyes of GOD or whoever you think is in charge.

Yep, we're all sinners and condemning one sin while ignoring another is very hypocritical. However, for someone with strong religious beliefs ignoring any sin isn't really an option.

I am not a Christian Or bible basher but I do believe in god and that we will not return to him until we can see only the good in people no matter what. I to am not perfect and wish I didn't get so angry at the narrow minded ness of people but I am working on it.

Oh well if it was you got me.

Yep, he got you to show that you are just as guilt of acting morally superior as the OP is.

If being tolerant of all races, religions, sexual preferences, etc and not agreeing with people who are not is being morally superior or on a moral high horse then so be it. I will sleep well knowing that I am on the right path.

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