Wide open sharpness - XP1 + 35/1.4

Started May 18, 2012 | Discussions thread
tnj86 Forum Member • Posts: 51
Re: Wide open sharpness - XP1 + 35/1.4

I just received the xpro-1 yesterday and shot a couple frames with it so far. I have been shooting a D800 and the 35mm 1.4g, 50mm 1.8g, and the 85mm 1.8g for the last 2 months and the IQ is stunning. When I opened my first D800 image I thought "WOW! that is nice" when I opened the first xPro1 image last night I thought "HOLY $HIT! thats amazing"

So my professional opinion is that the D800 is "WOW!" good, the xPro1 with the 35mm is "HOLY $HIT amazing", and the xPro1 with the 18mm is "I wonder if anyone else makes an 18 about this size"


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