Sony PLEEZE stop us from taking pics w/no card!!!

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Re: Have you read your user manual?

FramerDave wrote:

My A77 flashes NO CARD in both the LCD and the EVF top left hand corner next to PASM mode letter. Pretty hard to miss.

Sez you. ; )

The rear LCD of my A77 has a lot of info displayed sometimes, and I have once or twice missed the blinking "NO CARD" when I grabbed the camera in a hurry to try to capture something cute the cat was doing. As for the EVF, the "NO CARD" blinks in the upper left corner where I simply can't see if if I'm wearing glasses unless I adjust the position of my eye on purpose.

I go through a flight check before picking up the camera to do anything serious. But I've gotten caught once or twice. I'm not sure there's anything that can be done about it. As I said the only time it's a problem for me is when I'm trying to shoot in a big hurry, and when I'm trying to shoot in a hurry I'm NOT looking attentively at the camera's display. I mean, it's not likely they're going to program the camera to be motion sensitive and to emit an alarm when the camera is picked up if it is lacking a card.

However, there is an obvious solution: flash memory. My Panasonic LX5 cost 1/3 what the A77 cost but it has flash memory that has saved me on more than one occasion. It would be great if the camera would default to flash memory storage if there's no card. That way, you get the picture, and you can copy it to a card later.

And by the way, it IS possible to take a picture with the A77 even when there's no card in the slot. I just tested this (to confirm my memory of it happening to me once or twice before). The camera takes the shot and displays it on screen. Apparently it's in the buffer. But as far as I can tell there's no way to copy it to a card (as there is with the Panasonic LX5).

It would have nice if they support 2 cards though, that way there is always a back up card like in my A900.

There are 2 cards in the A580: on SD, one MS. But only 1 card can be active/selected at a time and the selection process involves a manual switch. So simply having two cards won't cut it. The camera has to be designed to switch automatically to the second card if the previously selected slot is empty. (Even better, for me at least, would be the option of writing to both cards at once.)

I have the habit of leaving the card door open when the card is out so no suprises.

I don't do that because I'm afraid of accidentally damaging the door. My usual technique is to set the camera down upside down or on its back when there's no card. But I'm not consistent about that.


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