Should one envy those that own a D4 and/or a D800?

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Re: Should one envy those that own a D4 and/or a D800?

larrywilson wrote:

Just another camera, most people don't need 36mp and yes there are a lot of basic questions coming from new d800 owners. No, I'm don't personally feel bad about actually passing up a d800, heck I have a d3s, why would I feel bad? If I upgraded it would be the d4, but for me not enough of an upgrade at present. I shoot moving birds a lot so the d3s is a really fast camera and good at this.


Larry, you know, I was told the very same thing by a Nikon rep. I was told that unless I was shooting commercial work and was wanting to print much larger than 11x14 prints I should pass on the D800 and move on to the D4 if I felt that I needed to move up. I was also told that unless I was doing a lot of video work and needed a camera for that, there was not that much of a need to move up to a D4 since there is not that great of a difference in the D4 and D3s. I was also told that if I needed another camera to use with my D3s, the D4 would be a great piece of equipment, but to dump my D3s for a D4 was not a great move for me. The D800 is just not a piece of equipment that I will need in my work. Now if I would need to do commercial work in the next two years or so, the D800 would be a good move.

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