Manual Lenses on EM-5

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Re: Manual Lenses on EM-5

The focal length comment is confusing me, particularly when using a legecy lens.

When using a legecy lens on a m4/3 camera, the effective focal length is 2x, i.e., Nokton 25mm = 50mm. So shouldn't the setting be 50mm?

But when using a 25mm m4/3 lens, focal length = 25mm and you'd use that setting (or as you pointed out, use 24mm instead since 25mm is not offered.)

You wrote:

"...In case you want to use IS make sure you set the focal length properly to the value of your manual lense (at the image stabilization settings via the super control panel (SCP)). In case of the Nokton 25mm you have to set it to 24mm as 25mm is not offered (maybe someone could tell us why?)..."

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