Pentax 645D vs. Nikon D800E Video

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Re: Sounds like prints were never made and compared

solarider wrote:

So it sounds like prints were never made and compared, only seen on a monitor. Is this correct?

In that case, I would keep in mind your conclusion with a few grains of very pricey Fleur de Sel .

The shoot was only 6 hours long, including travel time, which prohibited us from making prints during filming. The files were compared on a calibrated monitor.

Since the shoot Nick has printed the files from both cameras and sold his Pentax kit. So the files from the D800E are clearly competitive in almost all respects, which is the conclusion we came to in the video.

Remember, these are never intended to be comprehensive tests, as even for the nearly hour long 3 part D800 vs 5D Mk III video required us to omit several tests. We just try to make entertaining videos with as much information as we can include given our audience's attention spans.

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