Should one envy those that own a D4 and/or a D800?

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Re: Should one envy those that own a D4 and/or a D800?

This website is a great place to learn about technical details regarding new cameras & lenses I'm considering purchasing.

It's a very strange place for everything else.

A gathering place of gadgetheads that occasionally postures as though it's a photography forum, at which point gadgetheads judge other gadgetheads for being too gadget-obsessed. Shooters of prosaic, cliche subject matter judging the different varieties of prosaic, cliche subject matter shot by others. ("What a waste to spend 3K for a camera to take pictures of your pets. If you're going to spend 3K on a camera, you should extract its full potential by flying across the world and taking pictures of adorably exotic Asians! Unless what you need is a camera with which you can expertly capture images of other--appropriately yawning--people capturing images of trains or something, then you're going to need to spend a little more." * ) The bizarre exchange of outpourings of praise and matching outpourings of thank yous.

  • -not really intended as a personal shot at the specific photographers whose threads full of technically-impressive images currently appear on the first page of this forum; really, it's more me merging several faceless screen names into one hyperbolic strawman. ; )

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