UK Digital Photo Mag Says 5d3 Better than d800

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Re: UK Digital Photo Mag Says 5d3 Better than d800

Phil Hill wrote:

TomFL wrote:

But make no mistake, the D800 will likely be taking the lion's share of P&S upgraders until Canon responds with their rumored high MP camera.

From what I've seen, P&S shooters generally upgrade to an APS-C DSLR or mirrorless model, not to a full-frame DSLR. Some APS-C shooters do eventually move to FF, but it’s not a large percentage.

You are correct. If you make the jump from APS-C to FF, then your investment in glass (if you were smart and bought FF glass) will dominate your decision making process. P&S to FF is likely a very low number.

Let's say if you have no investment in FF glass, then the D800 is going to be the more likely buy IMO. Whoever said the megapixel wars were over is about to be proved wrong in this case.

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