Anybody know anything about this lens? Leitz 17mm f0.6

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Re: Anybody know anything about this lens? Leitz 17mm f0.6

wornleather wrote:

This is a lens I've acquired and can't find out anything about it.

The lens states it was made in Canada for Hughes Leitz (which leads me to believe it may be military in origin, it also says the field of view is 163 degrees and the focal length is 17mm with a speed of f0.6.

The attached pic shows it with an old Canon of mine just for scale - it doesn't actually fit the Canon.

It has a flange-to-image-plane distance of approx 27-28mm which means it should fit M mount cameras (but whatever mount that was fitted has been removed).

It weighs 38lbs, has astonishing optical qualities, superb glass and appears to be very fast - placing a light meter behind the lens shows that there is far more light on the camera side of the lens than there is on the image side.

Anybody seen one of these before or know anything about what format or type of camera it belongs to?

I dont know anything about it but I would like to buy that f/0.6 lens from you. just for speeds.

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