Histogram & half press on the GXR A12 Mount

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Re: Histogram & half press on the GXR A12 Mount

lenseye wrote:

the histogram should reflect the actual image through the lens not the LCD image! Maybe they just didn't have enough cycles to do both... kind of bizarre though... histogram is so important!

I disagree: in my understanding the histogram should reflect the actual exposure selected by the user (manually or, in non-manual modes, via the camera's automatic).

For instance, I would expect the histogram not to change if I stop down by 2 and expose 4 times longer.

With the M mount, computing a reliable histogram should not be a problem. With the A12 50mm module, the camera continuously adjusts the diagphram (and, therefore, the actual amount of light that gets through the lenses) to the current brightness (which, I assume, is measured according to the metering mode selected by the user, SPOT, CENTER or MULTI), see


The reasons for this behavior are not documented but with the A12 50mm the actual aperture can be very different from the one used to actually take the shot. In this case too, however, the histogram should reflect the selected exposure, not the actual aperture. This might be a bit more difficult to achieve but not too much.

I have meanwhile been using the GXR quite intensively for about 6 months and I have to say that, while I really enjoy using the camera, I think that the UI and the documentation definitely can be improved.

This, however, would require some streamlining and, possibly temporarily, removing features which are poorly implemented or lack a clear specification. On the other hand, none needs an histogram which is unreliable or even misleading.


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