UK Digital Photo Mag Says 5d3 Better than d800

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Re: UK Digital Photo Mag Says 5d3 Better than d800

You guys just don't get it.

Clearly they are both very competent cameras, and the results are close enough that there is never going to be a clear winner, except for a large increase in fanboy battles. (please see XBox vs. PS3, Mac vs. Windows, iPhone vs. Android)

These two cameras represent a classic engineering trade off of higher MP vs. higher FPS and lower noise. Only you can make the decision on what is most important to you.

If I was doing the jump from P&S to DSLR right now as I did when I bought the 7D, I would likely choose the D800 based on 36MP and $500 cheaper. My guess is that a lot of D700's are on sale right now.

However since I have already had the 7D for 2 years and taken 1000's of shots, I can look back at the photos I have taken and determine what is important to the way I shoot (low available light and high FPS). There were certainly times I wish I had more crop area which works in favor of a D800. The fact that I have made an investment in Canon glass, makes the decision easy, and in the end will be the deciding factor for most users.

I also know that trying to hand hold a stable 36MP image is very difficult. However anyone claiming having 36MP is somehow detrimental and having "more is less" has lost their mind.

But make no mistake, the D800 will likely be taking the lion's share of P&S upgraders until Canon responds with their rumored high MP camera. The big 36 number and cheaper price are marketing gold. Suck it up, Canon fan boys.

Canon built the 5D3 based on photographer feedback, Nikon built the D800 based on marketing feedback. And each will probably win with their prospective target.

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