Fuji XPro/Xtrans a mistake?

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Re: It is an opinion informed by results/data/experience

The only reason I like to use RAW, personally, is to pull back details from shadow and highlight. Fuji's auto DR settings help when shooting ISO 400-800, but at ISO 200, you're stuck with the base range. Other than that, I've been INCREDIBLY pleased with the jpeg engine, and happy with it's results. I still process the jpegs through ACR, because... well that's what I do.

What I'll likely do is shoot JPEG 90% of the time, and then turn it to RAW+JPEG for the 10% of the time I'd like to recover more detail. I can work with that for now.

mr moonlight wrote:

Powerdoc wrote:

I do complain, because the JPEG are better than what is on the disc. It's obvious in the article linked by the OP, that Silkipix does not give the same results than Fuji's JPEG.

Now I know that I will need some time to have a good raw support, because as you said and as I have said in my previous post, raw support for the X pro 1 is a lot of work for less than one percent of the APS C market.
It's all about photography

I've seen some pretty good results from Silkypix. The fact that the OP couldn't get as good results as the jpegs, doesn't mean it's not possible. It's just one persons experience and it was a pretty limited test at that. Personally I think the Silkypix interface blows and is a waste of time to try to learn a piece of software that is such a pain to work with since you can just use the OOC jpegs. I think most share my feelings and don't want to even bother trying. I tried Silkypix for a few minutes and I was able to see slightly more detail and color information than what I saw on the jpegs. How to work with it so I could optimize my images...that's where I didn't bother. Fuji's already done that for me. Fuji's in-camera processing is fantastic and even with the X100 using ACR I found that more often I just preferred to go with the OOC jpegs.

So saying that there's no RAW support is just plain wrong. It works and it seems to work fine, we just don't want to work with it. I'm sure ACR will give us better results, but for now we have Silkypix. It's a PIA, but it's there and you can coax a bit more out of your images if you need to.

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