Natural evolution, TLR, SLR, Mirrorless (MILC, ILC)

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I don't think the evolution is any different from the way film 135 cameras evolved. As with film "normal" people shot with "point and shoot" (not to be read derogatory) cameras, however specialized / professional photographer used SLRs. Meanwhile the recording medium (135 film) remained the same. Today we are reaching the same equilibrium. A large sensor is not just the prerogative of DSLR's, it is slowly trickling down to point and shoots (again not derogatory) hence creating the MILF / EVIL mirror less category. This does not mean that the DSLR will die out, it just means we will have mirror less cameras that will catch up with DSLRs on sensor size and image quality. Some already have, others will do so.

As mentioned earlier in this thread the stress now will be to digitize anything mechanical and hence make them more compact (think shutters / viewfinders). I think even dials and knobs will be completely replaced by touch screens (not that i relish this thought but i am not part of the 90% target group for such cameras).

Another important aspect that I foresee in the next couple of years will be an open software approach, much like the mobile phone industry where people and third party developers will be able to customize and enhance their cameras using available API's. But that is probably a subject for a separate thread.
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