Nifty Fifty...50mm f1.8 Ken Rockwell

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Re: Nifty Fifty Example at f1.8

If you happen to be fortunate enough to own sharper, more expensive lenses, then please feel free to deride this lens and its foolish owners as technically and morally inferior, with poor eyesight and little if any photographic skill. The fact that they praise its value is ample proof of their numerous failings. After all, participation in these forums is all about demonstrating your technical and moral superiority. It is all about you and the sport of being a champion killjoy. It has nothing to do with enjoying photography with the equipment at hand or -- GOD FORBID -- encouraging others to do the same.

But seriously...

The nifty fifty is absolutely sharp enough, on FF or a crop. It is not as sharp as other lenses, but it is MUCH cheaper. For the price, it is exceptionally good value. Naysaying trolls be damned -- just google it and you will see that it is a frequently acclaimed lens for value, and its sharpness -- especially above f/2-f/2.8 -- is broadly recognized by reviewers. Its weaknesses are also well-documented: slow, clunky AF and cheapish construction. That said, it is a great lens for people, especially those on limited budgets or who are relatively new to photography, to experiment with shallow DOF. If you are interested in superior sharpness at wide open aperatures, or a lens that will not miss well-focused shots due to slow AF, or you just have more money and want to invest in a superior prime lens, you should probably pass on the nifty fifty and investigate buying another lens. As for me and countless others? We enjoy using this lens. YMMV.

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