I think Sony may have it right

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While I perfectly

understand your point of view as a E510 user who don't want a bigger camera but do want an upgrade, I have to warn you on one point about Sony.

Actually I've played for a while with the idea of buying a Sony SLT. I like the shape, they do fit well in my hand, they have good sensor (eventhough poorly used thanks to the aggressive sony noise reduction policy) and have a bunch of good features.

BUT, I don't trust them, I don't trust their management nor their future. Sony is at the moment and ,for a while now, losing money, big money. I'm not talking about photography here, I'm talking about Sony as a corporation. Sony tv's bad shape, video games bad shape too. My whole point is they may abandon in a more or less close future some non lucrative activities to focus on what make them win money to cut the loss. Some other people more informed may disagree with me but that's how I'm seeing them right now.

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