Question on 5n USABILITY

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Re: Question on 5n USABILITY

Italosvedese wrote:


i came from a Dslr and slr experience..i decided take a nex because i want something more portable that i can have always with me..i will buy it before june (holyday)..8even if i know it will come the new 5n in summer for me it's too late)
now the question is the usual nex 7 or 5n??

I love the nex 7 but right now im pretty out of money so pay less then half price for the 5n its tempting..

i also really like the sensor of the 5n..for me 16 GOOD mp are more then enought.

the BIG problem is that i dont know how usable it will be without EVF (for me take the external it pretty nonsense at that that point better take directluy the 7) and with so few dial (i need at least Aperture and Compensation)..

so i would like to know from who as it if have been having some problem without EVF and Dials, focusing (peaking with manual lenses) and composing with the LCD...or if i should take out more money and go directly for the 7..
thank you in advance

I got rid of my NEX-5 for the NEX-7 because when I went on vacation last spring in San Diego, I couldn't see through the LCD on the beaches because the light was so intense, -the camera was usless to compose pics.

Now that I have the NEX-7, all I ever use is the EVF. I only use the LCD to review the pics I have taken. One of the main reasons for this is, I am far-sighted. I don't have to ware glasses with the EVF because of it's diapter ajustment. If I use the LCD, I'm always taking my glasses off and on, -which is a bother, and can be awakward at times.

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