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Re: GX1 UV Filter size? Confused.com

Do some with and without tests - with my 45-200 it's generally sharper without a filter

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I don't know what on Earth Wex were thinking of if they told you 37mm for the Filter size...
The kit-lens 14-42, the Pancakes.. 20mm and 14mm .. ALL take 46mm Filters....

There are two kit 14-42mm lenses sold with the Panasonic.

The compact 14-42 x lens has a 37mm filter thread. WEX were spot on.

The cheaper standard 14-42 has a 52mm filter thread, which is probably what the OP needs.

Your right kuppenbender thank you!

I've cancelled the filter for kit lens but I have also order the 45-200mm where I will be having a 52mm filter for that.

Do you think that you can notice a difference with or without filter?

Typically if you're not shooting against bright lights or backlit scenes, the drop in quality if any will not be discernible.

The thing to worry about those situations are reflections.

See the green reflections below? From the BW filter on 14mm lens

I've just received my 45-200mm lens as well as 2 new 52mm filters from amazon. Not sure wether to send the filters back?

Not that bothered about kit lens worth £40 but the 200mm mite put one on that lens and send one back.

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