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Re: Adobe Application System Architecture Speculation/Analysis - Part 2

Detail Man wrote:

I would bet that few other people on the planet (other than at Adobe) really know (this is something that I find frustrating about using their products. For instance, the "Brightness" control (which I read seems to have disappeared in LR-4.x/CR-7.x) modifies the Gamma correction apllied in the mid-tones regions only. Thus, it is not simply an output-scaling control. Nice to finally have (finally) figured out (and indications of that do exist deep in Adobe documentation) - but such things cause frustration and angst in my "do it and understand it myself" type of mind. In fairness, however, DxO Optics Pro has it's own tricky to unravel "secret sauces". This is why "enthusiast" efforts such as the venerable (not for profit) RAW Therapee 4.x are refreshing and welcome !

Thanks for your thoughts as well as the links DM. I think we are both instinctively distrusting of "secret sauces" and it seems that the "shadows" and "highlights" sliders both belong to that category (see the link Steen provided in the post right after yours). But I must admit that in this particular case, I do like the sauces nevertheless. With the global tone curve adjustments, I understood perfectly well what I was doing but couldn't get the results I was after. With these sliders, I have a far less precise idea of what's actually going on, but at least I can get something very close to what I want, and get it rather quickly.

I'm a little surprised to hear that you didn't care much for the results of the fill light slider when you played with it yourself. To me, it's a godsend and it appears that in LR 4, the highlights slider belongs to that category too. I made rather extensive use of both in the pictures I posted earlier in the thread (the birds and the flowering tree).

In which version of ACR/LR did you experiment with the fill lights slider yourself? As you can see from the article Steen linked too, it has improved quite a bit over time. As I indicated, I first played with it in LR 3, and thought it worked very well already at that point. But it appears to have been improved further in LR 4.

It seems that one could use image-differencing techniques similar to those that I used in scrutinizing your Adobe Sharpening tools in order to reverse-engineer these things. "Go for it !"

Well perhaps at a later stage in the unlikely event that I have a lot of time to kill. At the moment, I am still busy trying to find out what LR 4 can actually do (and not) rather than exactly how it does it.

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