The video button.

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Re: The video button.

I love the video button location on the nex 7 because I use it all the time. In the several months of owning the camera, i've only accidentally pressed it once.

darkref wrote:

Does anyone else find themselves NOT accidentally pressing the video button (on any nex).

This was posted today on LL

"I have shot many hours of video of the inside of my bag, the lens cap, my shoes, etc."

But I don't get it, why would you leave the camera on inside your bag? Is it that hard to turn it off? And if you have the lens cap on, you have no intention of taking a photo, and if the answer is "if I need to take a photo quickly" then why would you have the lens cap on? The time it takes to take it off (then put it somewhere) is greater than the time it takes to turn the camera on.

Every time I pick up my camera to shoot, I turn it on. So I never hit the button.

I'm not trying to defend sony, I think they are entirely stupid for not letting us at least turn it off (or better, another function button) and for things like stupid bracketing and having an exposure compensation button on the nex 7 (which is completely and entirely pointless). It's something they should have done before even manufacturing the camera.

But I don't really get how people manage to hit it so much.

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