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Re: DPpirate - other lenses on NEX

...using other lenses. Yes, most legacy lenses work well (with focusing to infinity) in combination with the correct lens mount adapter. Legacy lens will have to be used stopped down, and metering will be at Aperture Priority, or Manual. 'Program' will also work, but basically in aperture priority mode.

Preferably, lens should have an aperture ring; although some adapters (like the Nikon G) have a ring that links to the aperture lever to control aperture stop down. Most Nikon lenses work well, those with an aperture control ring can be used in any 'dumb' Nikon AI to NEX adapter, while Nikon G lenses will require a 'Nikon G to NEX' adapter with the aperture control ring. With Canon, EOS lenses (EF, EF-S) can only be used in full aperture, as there is no machanical aperture control. Older Canon FD lenses (have aperture control) can be used with a "Canon FD to NEx adpater".

Somes lenses like the Spotmatic or Olympus OM have an aperture stop down button/slider, and will allow the lens to be used with 'preset' aperture control, if the lens adapter has been modified not to stop down the aperture. Then when the prefered aperture need to be set, it is a matter of pushing on the stop down button on the lens.

Most current lenses use electronic control of aperture (as the EF-S), and so will only work at full aperture (the likes of 4/3, m4/3, Samsung NX)

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