Prime lens suggestions in the 20-24mm range

Started May 17, 2012 | Discussions thread
flint-hill Senior Member • Posts: 1,215
Re: Sigma 19mm

Thanks for this info. My 20/2.8 works very well as a landscape lens on the NEX-5N. Interesting and sad to hear that yours doesn't. This kind of thing happens. Roger Ciccala has written interesting, data-backed articles on the subject.

The Nikkor's performance declines at distances less than 10 meters. If you're having problems at close distances, then our experience is in accord. At 3-4 meters and f/8, the 16mm/2.8 is at least as good as the Nikkor across the frame. It's as a landcape lens that the Nikkor shines, at least on my NEX-5N.

I haven't tested it formally, but the Sigma 19mm is a good performer closer in.

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