K5 mirror slap issue FW solution available!

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K5 mirror slap issue FW solution available!

Dear friends,

I have the following piece of information and I strongly believe that it is true.

The mirror slap problem of K5 has a firmware fix. To test if your K5 is affected please try the following.

Fully charge your battery and insert it in your camera.
Remove memory card from the camera
Select high burst shooting

Start high burst shooting and continue shooting about 30 shots after the buffer fills (the frane rate will decreases, so you will know)

If in these 30 shoots (after the buffer has filled) you hear a double actuation, then your camera is affected.

If so, get your camera serviced by Pentax. This FW update is not available by us, only Pentax service can do the update (higher level service).

Now, let's hope for a firmware solution for the flash bounch exposure problem. If it is a hardware issue, many of us may even prefer to pay for a hardware solution so that we can be able to use any (small) flash with bounch.

So, good news that Pentax keeps supporting a model at the end of its production life. Hopefully, they will provide a solution for the bounch flash issue too.

Kind Regards,

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